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山麓高中 opened in 1965, moving to the current site in 1972. Unlike most continuation school sites in the state, 丘陵地带’s campus was intended to be a small, flexible and supportive continuation site from the very beginning. It is an alternative setting for students experiencing difficulty in the traditional school.

Small class size of 20 students to each teacher and team teaching strategies, used regularly and  well, promote individualized attention. 学生 support includes a child development center that provides day care for any student enrolled in the Family Learning Center program.

丘陵地带 is a school for all students who are down credits and want to earn their high school diploma. 丘陵地带 is committed to giving all students the necessary skills and academic background to be successful with their academic studies. These skills will give students the opportunity to gain employment or continue their education at the college level. dafa888 encourage and support students in the classroom and also with CEOS (Credit Earning Opportunities).  

丘陵地带 is dedicated to equity and success for all students and eagerly looks forward to providing the best learning opportunities possible.

School 问责制 Report Card (不仅)

An annual School 问责制 Report Card (不仅) is produced for each California school.  It provides valuable information for parents, teachers, administrators and the community, including:

  • Description of 设施
  • 人口统计资料
  • 课程
  • 特殊的程序
  • 学术及测试资料
  • Teacher/dafa888 Information
  • 学校安全
  • 财政数据


The parent handbook contains important information for parents:

  • 毕业要求
  • 主要地区政策
  • Important Meeting Dates
  • 测试日期
  • 育儿技巧
  • 重要电话号码

Please take time to review the handbook with your student(s) for a very successful school year.   家长手册